Tip-offs Anonymous

Pioneer Foods aims to conduct its business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our core business principles include transparency and integrity which require us to identify and correct practices that are contrary to our company's values – in the interests of our employees, suppliers and business partners. With this in mind, the Board has introduced an initiative – Tip-offs Anonymous - independent of Pioneer Foods, to allow the reporting of business practices which are impacting or have the potential to impact the organisation's operations and reputation in the market.

Tip-offs Anonymous is an independently operated and managed hotline and disclosure service involving the professional services firm of Deloitte. The service makes available a selection of communication channels for the reporting of unethical and inappropriate practice in our organisation.
Although it is important to first use existing processes and communication channels within the company, Tip-offs Anonymous provides our employees with an alternative, confidential and anonymous facility to report wrongdoing.

What is Tip-offs Anonymous?

Tip-offs Anonymous is the leading provider of independent and anonymous disclosure services and hotlines in Southern Africa.

It is dedicated to promoting sound corporate governance, protecting directors' reputations, as well as exposing and deterring fraudulent and unethical business practices in both public and private sector organisations, such as Pioneer Foods.

Tip-offs Anonymous:

What should I report?

Any conduct by anyone that is impacting the company, its employees and its reputation, including:

Remember that Tip-offs Anonymous is not a complaints line and company reporting policies and procedures should first be considered before making contact with Tip-offs Anonymous.

Routine human resource issues should be dealt with established communication, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

How does Tip-offs Anonymous work?

Anyone can contact Tip-offs Anonymous.
Trained operators respond to telephone calls in a number of languages.
Alternatively, you can use e-mail, FreePost or FreeFax.
Tip-offs Anonymous will protect the identity of the caller and you don't have to give your name.

You have the choice to request the level of anonymity you desire:

The tip-offs report sent to the company will indicate the level of anonymity selected by you.
The information provided to Pioneer will be sanitised, meaning:
Your identity or any distinguishing details (language spoken, position, gender etc) will be removed from the tip-off report.
The information you provide will be assessed for urgency and importance.
Tip-off reports will be sent to senior management of Pioneer.
Remember – our focus is on the information you may have – not your identity.

Ask yourself?

Before reporting information, ask yourself the following:

Checklist before you call

It is important to obtain as much relevant information as possible about the issue being reported, such as:

Recommendations on the best way to follow up your information or approach an investigation

Pioneer Foods contact details

0800 005 909
This number is unique to Pioneer
You will not pay for the call when using a Telkom landline
Normal cell phone charges apply when using your cell phone
A call from a work extension can be tracked by the company's telephone management system

E-mail: pioneerfoods@tip-offs.com
Your identity and source of your e-mail is removed. Content of e-mails are transcribed and sanitised in the normal
way and not forwarded. E-mails to this address can be tracked by the company
You may wish to send the e-mail from a home computer.

FreePost DN 298
Umhlanga Rocks
Only above address required on a sealed envelope
No postage stamp required
Send whatever information you have

0800 00 77 88
For the sending of supporting documents as evidence
The content of your fax will be transcribed and sanitised
The fax or no part of it will be forwarded to the company
You will not pay for the fax