Group Internal Audit

The Pioneer Foods Internal Audit department is an independent appraisal and assurance function that is core to the Group’s governance structures. It aims to give autonomous and objective assurance to the Group, as well as provide consulting services designed to add value and improve the Group’s operations.

To ensure its independence, the department reports functionally to the managing director, whereas administratively it reports to the financial director. Added to this, the head of the department has regular and unrestricted access to the Audit and Risk Committee’s chairperson. He also attends all committee meetings as a standard invitee.

The Group Internal Audit department aims to help the business to reach its objectives. How? By applying a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve effectiveness in many areas of the Group. This includes risk management, integrated systems, internal controls and governance processes.

The Group Internal Audit department continually liaises with the Group’s external auditors to create synergies and prevent duplication of auditing and assurance services.