Pioneer Foods entered into a Joint Venture (JV) with freesweet to bridge the gap between sugar and traditional artificial sweeteners. Freesweet is a total sugar replacement unlike any other sweetener available locally or internationally. It contains no artificial ingredients: all are from natural sources and are GMO free.

It is designed to replace sugar in a one to one ratio, and is fully endorsed by the Diabetic Association. In addition to tasting great and being carb free, low in calories, and with a low glycemic index response; Freesweet has another advantage in that it bakes and caramelizes in an almost identical way to sugar.

As a leader in the FMCG food sector, Pioneer Foods is at the forefront of innovation, especially when it comes to introducing new products that support a healthy lifestyle. By holding a 50% stake in freesweet, Pioneer Foods provides the ideal vehicle to an extensive market footprint and effective machinery to drive the brand.