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Our Mission

As one of the biggest FMCG companies in South Africa, we believe in a focused and dedicated approach to sustainability. We believe in creating shared value for the communities in which we operate. This concept spurs us on to evaluate the way our business uses, transforms, renews and creates resources. We exist to nourish the lives of South African families and empower our communities and its citizens to get more out of life.

We are proudly South African and we are dedicated to ensuring the future of our country’s food supply by supporting the use of sustainable farming methods. We encourage the responsible use of our precious and limited resources. We endeavor to implement and support innovative and regenerative cradle-to-cradle practices, whilst continuing to provide nutritious and nourishing products that South African families have come to trust and love.

We don’t advocate or pursue a narrow approach to value creation, rather we aim to do well by doing good. We believe our prosperity is tied to the progress of those around us. We are committed to a shared value approach, creating sustainable success.

In 2014 the Group opted to report in line with the core sustainability indicators of the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines - view the full GRI Index table (PDF - 11.9 MB)