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Our Environment

As large scale food and beverage manufacturers, all of our raw materials are sourced from the earth. So, to protect Mother Nature’s resources, we’re committed to putting back what we take out.  With that in mind, Pioneer Foods’ main environmental objective is to minimise and manage our environmental impact wherever possible. That means reducing the amount of raw materials we need and the amount of waste we produce with every product.

At both an operational and administrative level, we use a variety of recycling initiatives throughout the Group to limit the amount of waste directed to landfills. An example of this is cereal waste, which is taken to rendering plants or reused to feed livestock. We also monitor our drinking water usage strictly and reuse water for irrigation where we can to save as much water as possible.

We have also developed and implemented an integrated approach to reducing energy, carbon emissions and water usage throughout the Group. In fact, some of our buildings already have green design measures in place. We are introducing these measures in other areas too to align with the Carbon Disclosure Project and cut down our carbon footprint.
We’ve joined forces with a select group of environmental initiatives in the Western Cape on biodiversity issues. These joint initiatives include:

Energy Minimisation Opportunities (EMOs)
The Group partnered with the National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC-SA) to conduct energy efficiency assessments at our production facilities. As a result, 10 identified Energy Minimisation Opportunities (EMOs) are in the process of being incorporated into our daily business, while a number of other EMOs are undergoing feasibility studies or in the planning phase. Associated savings are expected to amount to R2.2 million.

Click here (PDF - 1 MB) for a summary of the EMOs completed or in progress.

Our environmental policy aligns to ISO 14000 requirements in terms of policy content.

View our Environmental Policy (PDF - 1 MB)

View our Health and Safety Policy (PDF - 318 KB)