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The Group’s CSI activities aim to address the key causes of social challenges such as underdevelopment, hunger, poverty and limited economic participation. Through its partnerships, the Group is involved in various community projects in education, environment and food security. These projects focus on vulnerable groups such as women, youth and children primarily in township and rural communities. The Group also invests in feeding schemes. Pioneer Foods distributed approximately R13.5 million to beneficiaries during the year (2014: R11.2 million) on CSI projects.

Focus area Beneficiaries Description
Food security School Breakfast Nutrition Programme Provides breakfast for 21 450 learners from disadvantaged communities across SA every day.
Heart of Kayamandi Township agricultural hub with the capacity to produce approximately 76 800 vegetable bunches every year.
African Children’s Feeding Scheme Combats the scourge of malnutrition in orphans and vulnerable children through regular donations of milk as part of the overall programme.
StellenboschCommunity Development Programme Provides 2 000 children in Kayamandi with a meals during school days and most school holidays.

Pioneer Foods Education and Community Trust ("PFECT")
The Pioneer Foods Education and Community Trust (“PFECT”) was established in 2012 as part of the Group’s Phase II broad-based ownership initiative (the BEE Trust). Its activities are funded by dividends and CSI contributions from Pioneer Foods. Its mandate includes support to community and education-related programmes.

Funded through the Pioneer Foods Education and Community Trust
Mbekweni Youth Centre Financial assistance for the construction of the Mbekweni Youth Centre.
The PFECT Bursary Programme 36 students currently receive funding through our Pionbursary programme.
MOT-SA Life skills training programmes target youth in colleges and high schools.
Paarl Youth Initiative Support of youth development programme that runs camps, workshops and support initiatives.
Khula Development Group The programme identifies and reintegrates children into the school system and assists out-of-school youth to become responsible and productive.
Love to Give Sustainability Livelihoods Initiative Supports mothers in Kayamandi with small loans to start their own businesses.
Up For All Youth programme providing unemployed youth and ex-offenders with high-value technology skills.
Responsible Me Programme Intervention programme that trains high school leaners, educators and parents in KZN on HIV/Aids.